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Painting is what we cannot say, it is a way of communication

animal spirits

Whimsical energy

Inside every living creature there may be a spirit that provides practical knowledge and life skills – and personality.

dolls and wall hangings

Handmade from recycled materials.

Unique creations inspired by a Oaxacan tradition using textile scraps and unusual ornamentation.


rainbow children

They are every color of the rainbow, happy and joyful, full of life.

The keepers of the earth, sky and stars.

They have no wants, no needs, no fear.

Living on light energy. Calm and connected.

rainbow children weavings

Inspired by the artisans of the Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca who can weave any design.

Amazing studies in color and texture.

spirit people

Orbs of light energy that inhabit ancient sacred spaces.

Ageless and full of wisdom.

Alien-like beings from the distant past.