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jill sanger

Visual Artist

Taos, New Mexico, USA

Etla, Oaxaca Mexico

artist statement

I have been an artist my whole life.

It is my preferred method of communication.

This led me to open an Art Institute for young children in Taos N.M. USA in 1989. We featured innovative learning techniques for the next 25 yrs. with great success. I also pursued my Art at the same time.

Oaxaca has been an inspiration in so many ways over the last 30 years because of the fascinating artists that I have met and value as friends and colleagues.

I have a deep love for colors and the way it affects people by opening them up to their emotions.


I continue to be involved in Art Education as well:

My new project “ARTSPARK” provides services such as Art and Science workshops for children of all ages.

Teacher Training, and Consulting specializing in Thematic Education, Curriculum Development, and Science Programming.

All based on 25 years of educational experience.