Welcome to the Art World of Jill Sanger

Jill Sanger - Taos Fall Arts Festival

Jill Sanger - Spirit People Show in Mexico

2014 show at Mia Arroz
Restaurante, Oaxaca MX


Taos Select - Jill Sanger

Jill Sanger has been creating watercolor paintings durning her travels throughout Mexico, Peru and the South Western U.S. Jill's artistic expression has been influenced by her travels. Watercolor paintings series include:

  • Rainbow Children
  • Spirit People
  • Animal Spirits
  • Invisibles
  • "I feel light energy flow through me when I create my Rainbow Children and Spirit People paintings. My dreams are colorful and exciting so the watercolors I use are brilliant and strong. I feel the excitement in the faces of the figures and a sense of movement in the paintings."