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jill sanger

Visual Artist

Taos, New Mexico, USA

Etla, Oaxaca Mexico

artist statement

Art has guided me throughout my life. When I was five I won my first art show which was a citywide contest in NYC. I drew a picture of Santa Claus.

This was in contrast to my school experience where I struggled to learn due to undiagnosed dyslexia. Art was a way for me to express what I knew about the world. It became an important part of my life.

I would never have thought that almost thirty years later I would create and direct an Art Institute for children in Taos, New Mexico (USA) for twenty-five years. In that time we educated hundreds fo children (age 2-6, 6-10) in a unique way.

The innovative curriculum was based on a thematic art program that introduced basic academic subjects through art projects and interactions with nature. It was amazingly effective. Today, I am still involved in art education and specialize in teacher training and curriculum development.

My art has been influenced by my travels and interactions with other cultures. My husband, Glenn, and I now live part time in Oaxaca, Mexico where art and crafts are a way of life.


I continue to be involved in Art Education as well:

My new project “ARTSPARK” provides services such as Art and Science workshops for children of all ages.

Teacher Training, and Consulting specializing in Thematic Education, Curriculum Development, and Science Programming.

All based on 25 years of educational experience.